Salt water pool filters are an important part of creating a clean and healthy pool. With proper filtration you will be sure to remove unwanted dirt and debris that nobody wants floating around while they are trying to have a nice relaxing swim. Turn your swimming pool into a salt water pool with our selection of salt water pool systems. These systems, ionizers and chlorine generators provide the right amount of salt water for your pool size. Have you ever thought about moving the pool pump, filter and heater to a new location? As with most pools, the equipment may not be in the most desirable location. The site originally chosen to place the equipment is often to minimize the length of additional trenching, plumbing and wiring, to and from the pool.

Pool Filter Site Relocation

Moving the pool equipment to a new location is often done as part of a larger renovation project, where the existing pump/filter area is converted to a new purpose. Pool equipment is also often moved to place it out of earshot or out of direct line of sight, although a few walls and landscaping can do the same thing at a lower cost. In addition to distance, some pool systems are relocated in vertical relation to the pool. Another reason for moving the equipment can be hillside creep. Pool equipment that is leaning down hill, due to its location on steep terrain, will one day fall down hill, unless steps are taken. If your pool system consists of a pump and filter, with just 2 pipes coming into the pump and one return line going back, moving the pool equipment is much simpler than larger pools with numerous pipes, heaters and other accessory equipment.

Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Repair

Your pool’s liner is a sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure and is meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. Vinyl liner not only extends your pool’s life by protecting its structure, it also adds a unique touch to your pool Vinyl liners are expensive and are not easily replaceable so it’s a good idea to keep some vinyl liner repair supplies on hand, and fix the minor nips, cuts, wear and tear. One of the major issues pool owners face with vinyl liners is cuts and leaks. Vinyl liners tend to lose their resiliency with time and endless exposure to sun and harsh weather as a result of which they start to tear. No worries, this is a common problem and can be easily fixed with the high quality vinyl liner repair patches and sealants that Pool Center has to offer. Our vinyl liner repair kits are high quality repair kits that can be used both underwater and out of water, and can also be used to repair pool covers, inflatables, toys, and anything else made of vinyl. We also carry vinyl liner sealers that can be used to seal small cracks in cracks in PVC, fiberglass, ceramics, plaster and gunite without having to use a repair patch.


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